Certain gaming rig could be called outrageous, mostly due to two main reasons - how powerful performance it has and.or how beautiful it looks like. This article takes a bit of everything, featuring 10 really outrageous gaming machines.

Much like the grease monkey of the 1950s and 60s, the modern computer geek treats their machines with a reverence as if they are a living, breathing thing. The geek and monkey, even though they both would deny it, are very similar. They both seek to build the most beautiful, or most powerful machine of their field of interest. All along bragging about it to their friends. They are both quick to show off their work at their respective shows, and will work endlessly to complete their self imposed projects. Be it trying to squeeze the last horsepower out of an engine, or the last FPS out of a graphics card, it in the end is the same thing.

Today, I highlight some of the most outrageous of the gaming rigs I have found. What makes a rig outrageous? There are several ways a machine could be considered outrageous. Be it in power for its day, how absurd it is, or simply for the beauty of the rig. All of these machines in their own way have a right to be called outrageous.
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    Dragoshi1 Dec 8, 09
    None can beat the portable N64. NONE!
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    overKill Dec 9, 09
    None can beat the nerds. NONE!

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