Electronic Theatre reports on the reaffirmation of a release date for the forthcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade revision of RARE's Nintendo 64 classic, Perfect Dark.

The forthcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade adaptation of Perfect Dark is undoubtedly riding high on the digital distribution service’s most wanted list. Alongside the conversion of SEGA’s Mega-Drive classic, Toejam & Earl, few of the proposed updates to games of yesteryear could claim to have demanded so much attention. With that of course, comes the constant need for reaffirmation of the eager fanbase, a service which RARE Ltd., developer of the original Nintendo 64 release, happily oblige with.
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    McClubbin Dec 11, 09
    Well, it's nice to see that it's still on track for a winter release (technically). I'd be slightly miffed if they had stealthily changed it to a spring 2010 release.
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    Aussie Legend Dec 11, 09
    Can't. Friggin. Wait.

    Shame they couldn't have pushed it out before the end of the year.

    Still my fav FPS of all time (Fallout 3, and Metroid Prime 1 not included as they are more of a FPS/RPG mix).
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    Seproth Dec 11, 09
    Doesn't bother me. It's a great game, but I have plenty to play as it is.

    Nostalgia can wait til' well after Christmas as far as I'm concerned. I can see why some people will be bummed though.
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    Deathsythe Dec 12, 09
    I've been waiting for a Goldeneye re-release for YEARS now, but due to very complicated legal issues I fear that we will never see it happen.

    Sadly, the only people getting hurt by that are the gamers...

    This is pretty sweet too though, Perfect Dark was awesome too. (Laptop Gun and Farsight FTW!)

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      Aussie Legend Dec 12, 09
      There was meant to be a Goldeneye release for the XBLA, but it was cancelled late in development.
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        Seproth Dec 14, 09
        I just think that everyone should get a piece of Goldeneye.

        Maybe not Sony since they weren't in the picture from the start. Just release it on XBLA and Wii marketplace. Sure nobody get's the end all be all product. Isn't having a piece of the pie better than nothing?
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          Aussie Legend Dec 14, 09
          The only way Goldeneye could come back is on a Nintendo console, as I'm pretty sure they were the ones that clock-blocked it from getting released on the xbla.

          I've always prefered Perfect Dark to Goldeneye so its not a huge thing for me, but to fans of the game its a pretty dick move. Though we're used to this shit Nintendo pulls these days >_>

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