GameZone sits down with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk of Bioware. Among the topics was if they'd want Uwe Boll to direct a Mass Effect or Dragon Age film. In short, no way.

"When you sit down for a chat with two of the top gaming developers in the video-game industry, there is no telling where the conversation might range. From the upcoming, and highly anticipated, Mass Effect 2, to the world of developer consolidations and who might play Sam Shepherd in a Mass Effect movie – if there is one – the topics were varied.

GameZone’s Dakota Grabowski had the opportunity for a sit-down chat with Dr. Ray Muzyka - CEO and General Manager, BioWare & Vice President, Electronic Arts, and his BioWare partner Dr. Greg Zeschuk - President and General Manager, BioWare & Vice President, Electronic Arts during the Edmonton event."
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    dwg14390 Dec 19, 09
    I thought they said this along time ago?
    Or am I confusing this with Rockstar & GTA?

    Either way ME is a work that focuses on the heavy story of humanity trying to find it's place in this new world order filled with aliens.

    Not girls with ugly breasts *bleep*ing a space marine with ugly breasts and special effects that was probably made on Microsoft paint.
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      OuterHaven Dec 20, 09
      yeah i agree Uwe Boll's movies are cheap empty with kindergarden style he just takes good game names.

      imagine him doing movies such as Mass Effect , God of War, Metal Gear, Uncharted, Assassin Creed, Warcraft etc...
  • 2
    conel3 Dec 19, 09
    +10 respect points for bioware
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    ShadowJ Dec 19, 09
    Thank god for that, when I read the title I thought Uwe Boll was going to do it...thankfully I read the whole title before jumping to conclusions, either way yay for Bioware. Postal was fine but that is up Uwe's alley....anything else done by him is crap or ruined
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    Aeirou Dec 21, 09
    I usually hate games going into movies. Few have ever been good... Although I think halo would have been a good one.. and Resident Evil was good.
    • 0
      dwg14390 Dec 21, 09
      RE wasn't directed by Uwe bolle. The movie (compared to the games) sucks, but if it was made by Bolle, things would have gone much worse.

      Stand alone RE is a pretty decent zombie flick.
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    Province Dec 21, 09
    Uwe Boll should be forced to watch every movie he has ever made from start to f'ing finish without pause...then fed to a giant frog.
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    athmaus Dec 21, 09
    Uwe bowll needs to just go home and then stop making movies. Glad that he wont be directing a Mass Effect movie..would kill the franchise.
  • 0
    Province Dec 21, 09
    No he needs to be punished for what he has done to Far Cry/Postal/HoD/etc.

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