GameZone discusses their most anticipated titles of 2010. Their list includes a lot of the usual suspects including: Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII, and Bioshock 2.

"Lost Planet 2 by Capcom Entertainment

This sequel puts players into a whole new environment while offering up excellent graphics and plenty of giant bug squashing."
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    athmaus Dec 24, 09
    FFX13 and Mass effect 2.....=D
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    Aussie Legend Dec 25, 09
    I lol'd that Bayonetta was higher up than Mass Effect 2.
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    Curt Connors Dec 25, 09
    Lost planet 2 is in the top ten? Either the game will have improved by a huge amount, or the next year of releases is going to suck
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    Province Dec 25, 09

    Gran Turismo 5?


    Oh and Lost Planet 2 is quite a bit better actually.

    EDIT: I actaully had to check that twice, they didn't put in GT5 but put in Lost Planet 2...

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