Speaking with the Asahi Shimbun Company, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has said that the successor to the Nintendo DS will sport a higher-resolution display than the DS (giving credence to the DS Tegra rumors), and a motion sensor. He also notes the high sales of the DS handheld for December 2009 in the US.

Additionally, the article reports that Zelda Wii, and the Vitality Sensor, which was unveiled at E3, will see 2010 releases.

任 天 堂 の 岩 田 聡 社 長 は 5日、 朝 日 新 聞 の イ ン タ ビ ュ ー に 応 じ、現在、日 本 マ ク ド ナ ル ド の 店 舗 で 利 用 で き る ニ ン テ ン ド ー DS の 無 料 ネ ッ ト 接 続 サ ー ビ ス を、 他 社 の 店 舗 な ど に も 広 げ る 考 え を 示 し た。 また、米 国 や 日 本 の 年 末 商 戦 で Wii が 好 調 だ っ た 点 を あ げ、 昨 年 10月 に「失速した」 と し た Wii 市 場 が 「再加速した」 と の 認 識 を 示 し た。
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    SebKus Jan 6, 10
    Cool stuff. It's nice to Nintendo finally taking things like image quality seriously.
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    Aussie Legend Jan 6, 10
    Nintendo's idea of image quality still isn't up with This Gen standards I would assume, I just can't see Super Mario flying around space in PS3'esque graphics, I just wouldn't seem right lol.

    Graphics are the last thing Nintendo should be worrying about, they need to make SOME GOOD GAMES.

    And I can't see Zelda Wii being ready this year, but hey, I'll eat my hat if it does (very happily I might add).
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      Avalith Jan 7, 10
      There are a number of good games from Nintendo. Super Mario Galaxy is quite enjoyable for me right now (then again I'm only a little ways into it) and there are a good number of other titles out there for both the DS and the Wii both from Nintendo and third party companies. You either have a different standard of "good" than I do or you just don't know where to look.

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