Head over and check out how Microsoft are moving more towards the social media areas now, and gaming seems to be taking a second seat on the 360 or its following device.

The entire Robbie Bach Presentation is on the site for you to check out. Come see it now.

OXCGN presents to you the recording of both Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft and Steve Balmer CEO of Microsoft at their presentation just moments ago at the 2010 CES International in Las Vegas. This will be available complete via Xbox On Demand soon, but here it is early for you from OXCGN.

We’ve split this into two segments for you, and will only be running Robbie Bach’s Xbox presentation, which is Xbox related, otherwise you’ve be in for an additional 1 hour of more Microsoft discussions not related to the Xbox Platform.

Some of the content regarding Property has been omitted due to restrictions, but as soon as any embargo’s of this information has been lifted, it will be presented on OXCGN for you asap.

So without further ado, here’s Robbie Bach’s presentation on what Xbox has in store for you in 2010
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