Jeremy Parish looks back at 2009 and the games that many gamers missed for one reason or another. I completely agree with his entire list. There are some sleepers on here that deserved far better sales and more credit than they did.

Even with all the fall 2009 releases that were delayed into 2010, it's still been a heck of a year for games. Blockbusters everywhere! You couldn't walk to the bus without tripping over one, it seems. And with all that obsessing over the big-name hits, a huge number of worthy also-rans have gone almost completely overlooked by gamers at large. Well, that just doesn't sit right with us. Sure, we like the triple-A titles as much as the next batch of game-obsessed nerds, but we love the little guys, too. So, we've put together a baker's dozen of overlooked or sleeper games that you might have missed amidst all the furor. At the very least, they'll give you something to do before March hits and we're drowning in goodness again.
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