New screenshots showing Halo: Reach show the game to be graphically superior to it's 360 counterparts Halo 3 and Halo: ODST. Also the game will include unlockable perks in the form of switchable armour which will give the wearer temporary abilities. Not being much of a Halo fan, even I am looking forward to this games release now.

As per to the rumours, the game will revolve around a squad based system, were you will always be fighting in a group of spartans.

Gameplay details rumoured last year have also now been confirmed by the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. Bungie's prequel does indeed revolve around a squad of Spartans fighting together and features unlockable Call of Duty-style perks in the form of switchable armour, each granting an ability such as sprint or temporary invisibility.
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    Aussie Legend Jan 20, 10
    Perks? Not liking the sound of that AT ALL.

    Though some of those pictures are very fishy. One of them even mispelled the world "exclusively"
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    Dragoshi1 Jan 20, 10
    Lol, saw all of these in my Gameinformer

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