Remedy's Mika Reini has recently revealed that Alan Wake will have a "conclusive and satisfying ending". There were no hints as to what said ending will entail, although that's probably a good thing.
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Remedy has revealed in a live chat to fans that Alan Wake will have “a conclusive and satisfactory ending.”
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    Bale Fire Jan 21, 10
    It's a sad day when a developer actually has to promise this in a game
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      Miss Razz Jan 21, 10
      Lol, yeah, I'm not exactly sure why he felt the need to mention that the ending would be good in th first place. XD

      Still, it's...uh...nice to know.
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    DragonPirateZolo Jan 22, 10
    Lol... This game reminds me of Alone in the Dark so I may just pick this up.

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