Gamespot will be opening at midnight for early purchase of these titles, so will you be going and which one will you be getting? Here's hoping that Gamestation in the UK will do the same on the 29th!

Customers at GameStop locations where it's safe to be outside that late can expect a tank building challenge, a commando dress up contest, a grenade launch, and more, while those who frequent seedier stores will instead stand outside until around midnight, huddled together for safety.
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    DystopiaSticker Jan 22, 10
    Goddamnit the store I pre-ordered from doesn't do it. It'd be so perfect. I get off the train from class Mondays at 11:30pm. That's like... a whole 9 hours extra I'd get to play. I'm so bummed.
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      Moonrise Jan 23, 10
      Oh shit you could beat the main story in that time. Good thing there's plenty of side missions from what I've heard.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Jan 23, 10
    I wonder if MAG would even be getting a midnight release if it wasn't for it being released on the same day as Mass Effect 2.
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    Province Jan 23, 10
    I can see it now. A decent length line of MAG fans versus an Army of Mass Effect 2 fans...good think I have my sources and get MAg a day before any of them. =D

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