What was once thought to be an 'unhackable' console, hacker George Hotz has claimed to have finally done it. He says the hack offers complete control over the processor, and full read/write access to the entire system memory.

In a post titled "Hello hypervisor, I'm geohot," hacker George Hotz (already known in the iPhone community) has made a strong claim: that he has cracked the PS3. The system has remained (mostly) uncompromised for over three years now, with a few exceptions here and there.
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    Shattered Jan 23, 10
    If you can actually do things that would be of interest to people (like getting free games through the PS Store or something else wild like that) then this will probably become as widespread as jailbreaking iTouches/iPhones is. It'll become the norm, that is unless Sony does more than what Apple does to deal with their hacking problems.
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      Avalith Jan 23, 10
      Considering the cost of a Blu-Ray burner and Blu-Ray discs, people would probably opt for loading things from their hard drive if pirating at all. 25 gigabytes will take a good while to download for the average person. I see this being used more for PS2 emulation on the slim PS3.
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        Gamesta100 Jan 24, 10
        I only have a 25GB dl limit.
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    Red 9 Jan 23, 10
    If he starts advertising his method of hacking, I can see some pretty big legal issues popping up.
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    Krunal Jan 24, 10
    I very much doubt anything will come out of it to be honest. It's been over 3 years already, and I'm fairly sure that a lot of smart people have tried to hack the PS3 over time, and I doubt he's the first one to get as far as he has.

    It could easily be the case that he gets to the point he has, but he can't do anything with it.

    As for free PS Store games... I don't think that's part of the PS3 itself, but an online service. He'd need to hack into Sony's servers to be able to do that.

    What he can do however, is allow games to be played from memory sticks and harddrives, as well as allow emulators for say SNES games... now that'd be good to play...
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    Daweii Jan 24, 10
    Am I the only one thinking "You took your time" I mean 3 years the PS3 has been out and only one person has allegedly hacked the console. Sony should use this as advertising... As to be honest in a world of piracy, a console going 3 years hack free is incredibly impressive.
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      Hideo1 Jan 24, 10
      That wouldn't be a strong move, since if people knew they couldn't pirate games on it they might not buy it, whereas if they're nonethewiser it wouldn't be an idea so it wouldn't be an issue.

      If you tell people they can't get games for free on it but they can with the 360 then people are more likely to look into the 360, so it wouldn't be too strong an advertising point.
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        Daweii Jan 24, 10
        Didn't actually think of it that way.. I stand corrected.

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