If you think Mass Effect 2 is great, then be prepared for even better games in future. According to BioWare's co-boss Ray Muzyka, they will continue to try topping their latest gaming efforts and that the team's "best work is still ahead of us"...

BioWare's best work is "still ahead of us", says co-boss Ray Muzyka.

"If it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be worth while," he said. "Our best work is still ahead of us. That's why I'm doing it, because I think our best work is still ahead of us and that's why our teams are doing it I think."
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    Seeker X Jan 31, 10
    Whatever the BioWare team is doing, I support them 110% because they deserve no less.
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    Seproth Jan 31, 10
    I don't doubt that. They're getting better and better. I jumped on with KOTOR and haven't missed a Bioware game yet.

    Makes me wish I could play their older stuff.
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    TurMoiL911 Jan 31, 10
    I have yet to play a Bioware game that has disappointed me. Keep up the good work, guys.
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    Euphoric Feb 1, 10
    Nothing will top Baldurs Gate II.
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    Absolute Feb 1, 10
    I also jumped on with Kotor, and they have never dissapointed me in the slightest with any game since.

    If the rest of the industry put even half of the effort/content BioWare puts into their games, the world would be a better place.

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