BioWare has released their latest title, Mass Effect 2. After two years of waiting, was the title worth the wait? Are the changes made to the gameplay worth it or did they ruin the Mass Effect experience?

Even with the game not feeling like an RPG much anymore, BioWare has still crafted one of the best games of the generation. The more action-oriented gameplay provides a better look at the series, but if the depth of inventory management from the first game was left in place, they would have struck perfect in joining the two genres of action and RPG together. If Mass Effect was too slow and boring for you, then the fast-paced play-style of Mass Effect 2 will certainly please you. Mass Effect 2 is another BioWare masterpiece for the ages.
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    Gotenks Feb 1, 10
    I haven't even played the first one and I purchased the second on release. The reviews for this game have been great and so have the trailers. I watched my friend play this game for a while and the game just looked great. The action looked really fun and the graphics were pretty good and I liked the storyline since I understood it a bit since I listened to my friend basically beat the first game in one night.

    Can't wait for him to give me my 360 back with that game so I can play it for myself. Even though it may be a while until he does since he plans to play through it a few times.
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    kspiess Feb 1, 10
    The game is great. It is less RPG and more TPS than the first one, which kind of sucks, but nonetheless it is an awesome game.

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