In a rather controversial article, IGN's Greg Miller explains why Mass Effect 2's "content, story, depth, action, and characters dominate" Uncharted 2's in every way, and why fanboys need to "deal with it."


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Rather than let Xbox 360 owners have a moment to read and reflect about how awesome their console exclusive was, some PS3-skewed fans high on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves decided to take the conversation to the most annoying depths of Internet hell and the 360 followers responded. In the IGN office, this war became a fun spectacle to watch. Some laughed and read comments aloud, others mentioned that a comparison was silly because Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2 are completely different types of games, and everyone pointed out the fact that these scores came from two different reviewers and thus were an "apples to oranges" kind of comparison.

The thing that a lot of people missed, however, is that Mass Effect 2 is indeed a better game than Uncharted 2, and I don't know how readers can be so blinded by their fanboyism to deny it.

Now, let me remind you of who's writing this. I'm Greg Miller. I'm the guy who writes articles telling you that Trophies are better than Achievements, the guy who is desperate to win IGN's Great Trophy Whore War, and the guy who bought a PSPgo on day one and doesn't regret the decision in the least. I'm all those things, and I'm telling you that Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2.

I need you to accept this.
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    Hideo1 Feb 8, 10
    but as gamers we need to be able to put aside system biases and say that one is better.
    True. If you've played both of those games and don't have an opinion on which is better then you're either lying or are an extremely boring individual. If you feel the need to write an article about it too, than fair enough. If you think that said article can end the fanboy arguments about it, than you're just kidding yourself. Put down your ego and step back for a second.
    I'm telling you that Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2.

    I need you to accept this.
    ... no. No you're not and no you don't.

    I don't give a *bleep* whether you're Greg Miller or Howard Stringer, if you want to prove you aren't a fanboy this isn't the way about it since both sides will end up hating you anyway and if this article proves nothing else (which it doesn't) it at least proves that that kind of shit matters to you.

    But wait, you just want the traffic, right?

    'k. Carry on then.
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      Seproth Feb 9, 10
      I doubt IGN is hurting for traffic.
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        Hideo1 Feb 9, 10
        IGN isn't, Greg Miller is. You know that each journalist has their own traffic figures for their articles, right?
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    Existence Feb 8, 10
    See also: Flame bait.

    Greg is on a roll, huh?
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      Daweii Feb 8, 10
      Seems like some IGNers sent him one too many emails calling him "Playstation Fanboy".. Funny that this is not a way to prove the haters different, if anything this is the professional equivelent of a troll stating "I'm not a fanboy, I own PS3, 360 and Wii"..
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    Ammy and Issun Feb 8, 10
    quote that guy
    When I was choosing whether I would let squadmates shoot foes or if I would tell off space cops who were being jerks, I was making those decisions – it wasn't Drake or some other assigned character; this was a Shepard I had created and I was picking her path. There isn't that connection in Uncharted. Drake is Drake – he makes the call on what he is going to say or do and you're along for the ride. It's a great ride, but it's a linear one. In BioWare's game, you form friendships and then have to put those friends in harm's way and live with the consequences.

    I guess this guy doesn't understand what the difference is between an RPG and an Action game. Character Depth and Morals and Choices like that are abundant in RPGs.

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      Hideo1 Feb 8, 10
      lol, it is pretty much just like he's explaining why RPGs are better than Action games most of the time isn't he? Haha.
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    ruledbysecrecy Feb 8, 10
    I thought Mass Effect 2 was great. Incredible. One of the best, but it really only serves as a portion of a whole. In that I mean as a stand alone game I don't think it's better than Uncharted 2, but the Mass Effect series to date is better as a whole I might be willing to understand.

    This is a poorly written article with a real struggle in justification.
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    Red 9 Feb 8, 10
    I'm not even going to justify this article with my reading it. It reeks of controversial flamebait with little to no reasoning behind it.
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    chautemoc Feb 9, 10
    IGN says it so it must be true. All hail.
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    Ammy and Issun Feb 11, 10
    I've just come to a realization. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic > Both Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2.
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    Smvsrawperson Feb 17, 10
    You can't prove a game is better then another, it's nothing more then an opinion. You can't turn something that's subjective and make it objective.
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    Province Feb 23, 10
    I'm quite confused why a leading IGN writer would tarnish himself being this blunt. He's ignored the reality that one is an RPG and therefore supposed to attach the player to it's characters more while the other is an action adventure where more emphasis is put on the action and drama of the adventure. (Like fighting a helicopter with a tank while on a speeding train.)
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      Hideo1 Feb 23, 10
      This is a guy who needed to go out of his way to prove that he isn't a massive fanboy; I doubt this hurt him that much

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