Alex Baldwin does his thing yet again, not only taking a long hard look at a solid game, picking it where it needs to be, but also doing his best to help PC gamers get the best from their MassEffect 2 as well. Plus there's a detailed write up of the Collectors Edition in there, so it is HUGE . . .

Come check it out . . .

By now you’ve read all the glowing reviews of Mass Effect 2, seen the praise showered on it and perhaps even played it yourself. I’m not going to tell you again what countless other reviewers have said. If you want read love letters to Bioware you can see the reviews from almost every other site on Metacritic.

Instead, I thought I’d try something different: I’m going to play the critic, dealing in criticism and nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece of narrative, character design and gameplay, but like any game it’s not perfect.

• And in 10 points, I’m going to tell you why.

• A comparison guide between the 360 and PC version is also included,

• As well as an overview of the Collector’s Edition.

• Note that the screenshots are from the PC version of the game.
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    ruledbysecrecy Feb 8, 10
    The visuals looked AMAZING on my PC maxed out at 1920x1200 and max settings.

    Long live mouse and keyboard!
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    chautemoc Feb 9, 10
    There's a great vid of the PC version in action here.

    The documentary sure sounds lame...
    • 0
      ruledbysecrecy Feb 9, 10
      I somehow knew that was going to be the video you linked to. Wish tweakguides was still active...
      • 0
        chautemoc Feb 9, 10

        It is, just not for guides. Judging from a recent post, he may do game guides again. You should email him for encouragement.

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