This is a story about what games will be showing up at tomorrow's X10 event in San Francisco, CA - where Microsoft will be unveiling new titles and letting press go hands-on with 2010's hottest games. Major Nelson posted hints at what will be showing up!

Microsoft's very own Major Nelson just tweeted a couple hints at what games we can expect to see on the show floor of it's press-only event tomorrow night, known as X10 - the list has a couple surprises in it and is not all-inclusive. His tweets, along with our guesses of what each game in the list stand for is below; did we crack the correct code? We have been told that there are other titles, not on this hint-list, that will be announced at tomorrow's event.
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    Guugley Feb 10, 10
    Cannot wait to hear what the Fable 3 announcements are! Also looking forward to Alan Wake and possibly some word from Epic about Gears of War 3 or even the Gears movie.

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    Aussie Legend Feb 10, 10
    Maybe we'll finally get a Dead Rising 2 release date

    Looking forward to Fable III, Alan Wake, Dead Rising 2 and Reach (and Gears if a miracle happens and they announce it).

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