Indisputable proof that democracy doesn't work; Zelda: Ocarina of Time is, according to readers of Edge magazine and industry experts, the greatest game of all time.

The article discusses the process by which this was decided, and other games that made the shortlist.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has topped a poll of readers of Edge magazine and industry experts to find the top 100 games of all time.

The 10-year-old videogame for the Nintendo 64 games console helped usher in a new era of 3D gaming.
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    Sort Jul 2, 07
    This is and will continue to be a disputed topic, and winner. I have a hard time picking the "best" game of all time, especially when you have to go across all consoles and to PC. OoT was an amazing game and I played it as much, if not more, than the next guy, but I still find it hard to pick only one game as the best.
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    Kokoro Jul 2, 07
    No, it's not the greatest game ever. There is no greatest game.
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    Rinkydink Jul 2, 07
    OoT has always and will most likely always be my favourite game of all time. Simply the most amazing gaming experience of my life when I first played through it, and was perfection back in the day. Even now I play through it over and over again.

    Though some games have come close, none have so far taken away this spot for me and probably won't do for a while to come.
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    Storm Jul 2, 07
    This game is getting a bit overrated. I loved it, myself, but I don't believe there's any game that deserves to be the 'greatest game ever,' like Kokoro said. It's without a doubt up in the ranks, OoT exceeded my expectations, but calling it the greatest game ever is like saying it's absolutely perfect.
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    bbb7002004 Jul 2, 07
    It is such a difficult question to ask, since our ideas of a video game's greatness are based on our own experiences and memories of the game. Plenty of other games are technically more impressive than OoT, giving improved controls, graphics, stories, etc., but our mental comparisons are still place this game on top.
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    Unforgiven Jul 3, 07
    Naming a game the greatest ever is a very exaggerating statement. Ocarina is very enjoyable but I don't think it's the greatest ever.
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    Deis Jul 3, 07
    I've never been able to play the game; it gives me motion sickness, as do most of the Zelda games.

    Any game that makes players physically ill is not a good thing.
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    Jeremiah Jul 8, 07
    I have the N64 still just because of this game. It is the best zelda game of all time. it was loads of fun.

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