Square Enix has released a statement responding to the numerous criticisms that they doctored the new screens from the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII.

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    ShadowGuard Feb 13, 10
    Interesting. Why would SE do this? Accident... ya right. Maybe they just do not want the graphics to be compared yet, however, this might have a negative effect now that they are caught in act...
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    Twin_Master Feb 13, 10
    What was so controversial?
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      Emaster MK Feb 14, 10
      They used PS3 Screens to represent the 360 screen, altering the buttons layout.
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        BANDITO ATTACK Feb 14, 10
        big deal. at least it's not like that one time they claimed cgi footage was gameplay footage (i think that was square who did that, anyway)
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          Onvacation Feb 14, 10
          Wasn't that the first Killzone 2 footage?
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          Twin_Master Feb 15, 10
          I still don't get what's so bad? Why is that such a big deal!?
          Don't they just change R2 to RT anyway when using buttons? XD
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          Emaster MK Feb 15, 10
          @Twin_Master: It is so bad because it might mean that square enix didn't make or complete the 360 version, which also might be a "lie"???
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    Yukari Feb 13, 10
    What I want to know is why they bothered altering the screens.
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    ruledbysecrecy Feb 13, 10
    Why do they need a statement if nothing fishy is going on here? And like the girl above me said, why do "altered" images even exist to be mixed in with the press kit?

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