It has been reported that a top human resources employee at Square Enix posted on a personal blog (that has since been taken down) that FFXI will terminate in order to make way for Final Fantasy XIV.

Attached is the supposed posting which says, “I think some amongst you will know, but FF11 started in 2002 … Well, this year it’ll end and the stage will shift to FF14.”

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    Province Feb 17, 10
    Wow wait. I'm not into MMOs but lemme get this straight.

    Anyone who has followed this game from 2002 with vigorous dedication and investment...will just have to stop? What's the point in starting somehting you know someday will be killed off. Could at least announce a sequel that would carry over your character or something.
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      ruledbysecrecy Feb 17, 10
      Hahaha, how did you think things like this worked? You think things lasted forever? Not only that, how is 8 years not enough for you? It's not counter-strike.
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      Fallen Royalty Feb 17, 10
      Province, that's the way MMORPG's work. They're up for several years and then they eventually have to take the servers down someday to make room for a sequel or just because the game is unpopular. Everybody knows someday the MMORPG is going to end but they play it anyway to enjoy it while it lasts. Besides, eight years on an MMORPG - that's plenty of time. I don't think characters should carry over to XIV. I think it should be a fresh start for everyone.
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    Bale Fire Feb 17, 10
    Cue the thousands of pissed off fanboys who have dedicated their life to this game and didn't see this coming, having to start all over again in FFXIV
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      Slumpy monkey Feb 17, 10
      All they do is max out their character and then re do it anyway. Not really much difference.
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      DragoniteBallZ Feb 17, 10
      That's the cold hard reality of MMOs. It happens in every one. Eventually they pull the plug and it dawns on people who dedicated their everyday lives to the game how much it's really worth.

      Imagine that day they pull the plug on WoW! =D
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    Flippy Feb 17, 10
    I can just hear Shantotto, calling everyone losers and laughing like hell.
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      Rabla Feb 18, 10
      Best. Mental Image. Ever.
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    Zero and X Feb 18, 10
    8 years is a damn long time, I think Squeenix should give themselves a pat on the bad.
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    Province Feb 19, 10
    In that case, there better be a suicide watch in place should WoW ever end...ever being the loose word.
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      ruledbysecrecy Feb 19, 10
      All of these work the same. They will end when they're no longer making money. Blizzard and Co are swimming in it. By the time WoW comes to a close, no one will care.
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    Skyexplorer Feb 27, 10
    Eh I won't miss FFXI im not a huge Final Fantasy Fan. But it does stink they have to take out a game to sell a new one.

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