Some new details of Halo: Reach from the latest episode of GTTV with Geoff Keighley have hit the internet! Some of the details are: No 6 player coop with Noble Team, No known duration of the beta test, customizable Spartans and more.

HALO: REACH - some say will be the biggest game for 2010. There haven’t been too many details released besides some facts and screenshots in the February 2010 issue of GAMEINFORMER explaining there will be a six player squad (Noble Team) destined to live through the final battle of Planet Reach before everyone falls (Spoiler Alert). The player will complete the squad, named Noble Six.
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    Aussie Legend Feb 20, 10
    So you're not adding perks but adding armor abilities? Sounds like Perks to me Bungie.

    Glad that they realise that they can't *bleep* up the multiplayer by making unbalanced with these armor abilities.

    Really looking forward to this actually, I was expecting to pass this but the more I read the more I like.

    One thing I don't like though is that they are being lazy by having all the multiplayer maps from the single player campaign, that kinda sucks imo.

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