Not everyone is convinced by Jack Thompson's unfailing attempts to bring down mature video gaming. A Florida Bar official has proposed through e-mail that Thompson, in addition to undergoing psychological testing, accept a temporary suspension of his law license. However, the last time the Bar tried to do this to Thompson in the early 90's, Thompson passed the test and sued the Bar for monetary damages.

An official of the Florida Bar proposed late last week that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson submit to psychological testing and accept a 91-day suspension of his law license, according to an e-mail GamePolitics received from Thompson himself.

The claim has not been verified by the Florida Bar, which did not respond to our request for comment.

As GP has previously reported, Thompson is currently embroiled in a pair of federal lawsuits against the Bar (see Florida Bar Gives Jack Thompson a Wedgie Over Bully Case). The Bar has moved to hold a disciplinary hearing against Thompson based on several complaints about the anti-game attorney’s professional conduct, including video game cases involving Grand Theft Auto and Bully. A scheduled June 25th hearing was postponed. Meanwhile, mediation talks have taken place between Thompson and the Bar.

On Sunday Thompson cc’d GP an e-mail of what appears to be a filing with the Florida Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction over Bar disciplinary matters. In it Thompson writes of an ongoing attempt to mediate the dispute:
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    Sungod Okami Jul 3, 07
    Jack Thompson sucks balls...
  • 0
    Enhance Jul 3, 07
    While I would love to see Jack Thompson being suspended for a very long time, I can't honestly say that he will fail the psych test. He may have his crackpot theories on video games but I doubt stuff like that will be included in any psych test he would have to take.
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      Ameer Jul 3, 07
      At the end of the article it states that he already passed one the last time the Bar made him.
  • 0
    bbb7002004 Jul 3, 07
    His conduct towards Rockstar could be considered a tad obsessive, if you ask me.

    This article gave me a chuckle when I read the title.
  • 0
    Shadow of Death Jul 3, 07
    Well, I doubt he is really 'crazy' he just has 'crazy ideas'...

    I'd like to see him disbarred, but he hasn't done anything totally crazy, just stupid...
  • 0
    Final Blade Jul 4, 07
    I'm glad its people like him and hillary and game raters that banned manhunt 2. And he does have problems no one goes out of there way to bash all games as much as he does.
  • 0
    JJBDude Jul 4, 07
    The more hype with give him the more of a *bleep* to the gaming industry he will become.

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