Phillip Rejmer analyzes Bungies intentions to create a very human, very character driven story in Halo Reach. Will Bungie pull it off, or are more polygons their idea of "character driven"?

Do you see how the focus seems to be about increasing the level of visual detail? If you think that you need exponentially larger quantities of polygons or more articulate body movement to really express a human story in your game then you're already going about things the wrong way and you're not going to achieve the desired result.
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    Play ISDF Mar 6, 10
    I think Bungie has done well with the characters they've created thus far. Sure, they don't have the depth that say Heavy Rain or practically any good RPG character might have, but the characters at the very least are far from being just shallow killing machines. I've got faith that Bungie will pull it off.

    That's my thoughts on the matter anyway.

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