GameZone took a deep look into Microsoft and 343 Studios' Halo Legends and have determined it's worth a look for fans and non-fans alike. Judging the DVD as a whole, it caught their attention and was worthy of their praise.

Sitting through the collection of seven animated shorts, it was clearly apparent that Microsoft has a lot of storytelling left to do with the Halo franchise. From the first short (Origins) to the last (The Package), Halo Legends is a riveting adventure with a wide variety of styles, tones and characters explored.
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    athmaus Feb 26, 10
    The dvd looks pretty good, not sure if i will get it though
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    Dragoshi1 Feb 26, 10
    Gots it on Blu ray.

    The most epic collection of Halo animated lore of all time.
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    DarkBlade4658 Feb 26, 10
    Not a fan of the games, but always wanted someone to make a movie, cause the Halo universe just seems interesting to me. I guess these shorts will have to do.
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    girlgamer77 Feb 26, 10
    I've actually never played a Halo game before. The animation looks nice though.
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    Smoke Feb 26, 10
    Terrible puns should be in every 'Grep title.
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    Paradox Feb 26, 10
    I saw the commercial, looks great. Based on the halo books I read the universe is great, and the games are great except for the online.

    Hopefully I'll get it on Blueray and save it in my collection of movies.
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    Fury Feb 27, 10
    They were showing these for free to Gold subscribers every Saturday on the dashboard, and I think they're going to show more later. It's a pretty good series, and the latest episode was especially interesting. There was only one episode I didn't like, and it was mostly because it had me thinking "Why the hell did they make the Hunters and Brutes so large?" the whole time. They're like 10 feet tall or so in the games, but they made them about 20 in that episode. It's kind of weird, because each episode is produced by a different company, so the artwork varies a lot, but that was especially strange.
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      Dragoshi1 Feb 28, 10
      Because those were some of the first Hunters that were recruited into the Covenant. They were HUUUUGE. The ones we got now are whats left of them.
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    Fury Feb 28, 10
    Where did you hear that? I'm pretty sure it was nothing more than an artistic decision. Even the Brutes were huge.
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      Dragoshi1 Feb 28, 10
      Heard from Bungie themselves in one of their blogs.
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    mistermostyn Mar 1, 10
    Sadly I'm all Haloed out. Will be giving this a miss.

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