Thomas East types up a list, as voted by gamers, of the top ten Pokemon spin-off games. Do you agree with the tally? Or has your favourite been snubbed? Read on to find out!

While everyone is getting excited about Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver, we're moving away from the main series to look at your favourite Pokémon spin off games. 
For fans, the main RPG series has always been the big deal but over the years, Pokémon have branched out and starred in everything from puzzlers to pinball games and adventures. We asked Pokémon fans on our forum to vote for their favourite Pokémon spin off games on our website and here are the results.
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    Dark Arcanine Mar 6, 10
    I certainly don't agree with the placement of Pokemon Trading Card Game so low on the list. Not going to argue about the placement of Pokemon Stadium/2 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon though.
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      Gotenks Mar 6, 10
      I disagree with Trading Card Games placement for sure. Should be second imo. Though it is one of the Pokemon games that many people don't know exist and it really is a great game. There was a 2nd game too. Just it never made it out of Japan because the GBA was about to be release in North America and they thought it would do poor in sales. Seriously, Nintendo could of just redid the game and released it as a GBA game. >_>
      • 0
        Twin_Master Mar 7, 10
        I loved the first TGC on gameboy. Absolutely loved it!
  • 2
    Gotenks Mar 6, 10
    I clicked this because of the picture since it's Pokemon Stadium and I said it should be first. And it was. <3

    Battle Revolution can gtfo. That was a horrible game.
  • 0
    Mudkip94 Mar 7, 10
    I don't think pokemon channel should be on this list.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Mar 7, 10
    Pokemon Trading Card Game & Pokemon Snap are my two favorite Pokemon spin-off games EVER.
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    Dragoshi1 Mar 7, 10
    PBR was total shit.

    PS1 and 2 are THE shit.
  • 0
    Dio Mar 7, 10
    Haha, I owned Pokemon Pinball for the GBC, Pokemon Snap for both the N64 and Wii, and Pokemon Stadium for the N64. All three games are classics!
  • 1
    MusiKon Mar 7, 10
    We need another Pinball and Trading Card Game.
  • 0
    Gefloung Mar 7, 10
    Haha Pokemon Trading Card game. Man, that sure brings back memories!
  • 0
    Ready Start L_Arc Mar 7, 10
    I personally think Hey You! Pikachu! was the best Pokémon spinoff
    • 0
      Gotenks Mar 7, 10
      Not the best. But an amazing game.
  • 0
    Fluroclad Mar 8, 10
    Why is Pokémon Trading Card game so low. I enjoyed that so much more than Pokémon red and blue

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