Sony officially named their motion controller and gave some pricing information on the new peripheral. Set to launch for under $100, they mean business.

Sony announced this evening that the PlayStation Move, their motion controller, Starter Kit will be priced for less than $100, which will come with the controller, the camera, and a game. Two other bundles will also be available on retail shelves.
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  • 1
    RabidChinaGirl Mar 10, 10
    I honestly cannot look at the damn thing.

    It looks like a friggin' Hitachi Magic Wand.
  • 1
    Spike Spiegel Mar 11, 10
    Honestly, must it really have that damn fruity colored ball at the end? This thing is gonna fail hard...
    • 0
      Raijin1999 Mar 11, 10
      Is that ball even part of the control, or something in the background?
      • 1
        Daweii Mar 11, 10
        The ball is like a motion capture ball, it is needed it is what gives the controller perfect 1:1 mapping of everything you do with it. The ball has an LED in it and will change or light depending on the effect, for example Sony have used a shooter as an example when shooting the LED might flash a bright yellow to simulate a muzzle flash.
      • 0
        ruledbysecrecy Mar 11, 10
        The ball doesn't bother me at all, especially when you understand how much better it is because of it. It basically means that no matter the lighting of your room it's going to pick up the motion.

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