It's been a while since the gaming world last heard from Japanese bikini model and actress Yuuri Morishita. In the past, she promoted Queen's Blade with a very raunchy cosplay video, dressed as Chun-Li to promote a pachislot game, and unintentionally promoted the Bape DS.

So what is Morishita up to now?

Well, she's been promoting the Japanese release of God of War III.

The poster she is holding is one of three that Capcom will be giving out to three lucky gamers who enter the competition at their official site. Strangely enough, the posters are signed by Morishita herself.

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    ruledbysecrecy Mar 19, 10
    What the *bleep*, that's not a bikini.
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      Miss Razz Mar 19, 10
      She makes up for it in her other articles

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