Now that BioWare has made its success with Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360 and PC, it looks like they're porting the game to the Sega Genesis -- where the real money is at, little did you know.

Actually, this is the alternate universe version -- the one where BioWare formed in the 80s instead, and so gaming history was forever changed.

So, I was going through my quantum closet the other day — it’s a pesky rabbit hole, filled with junk that I bought in various converging timelines and parallel realities — and I found this little nugget I’d almost forgotten about.

In Universe U3X-945, everything is precisely identical to ours, except for the fact that Canada formed its own dominion in 1842 instead of 1867. This changed effectively nothing, except for an odd quirk that Canadian software developers Bioware incorporated in 1985 instead of 1995. In this universe, their intellectual property of “Mass Effect” started as a Sega Genesis title in 2001.

The game was a fascinating little romp, and it’s exciting to compare the differences between the 945 Universe “Mass Effect 2,” and our own, which didn’t come out until 2010. I’ve put a few scans below, on the chance you might find them interesting.
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    ruledbysecrecy Mar 22, 10
    What kind of blasphemy is this? Metroid on the Genesis? Get my Mass Effect out of your 16-bit console.
  • 0
    kspiess Mar 22, 10
    Who would play Mass Effect on a console over the PC? That's sort of a ridiculous premise. I stopped reading it.
  • 0
    Play ISDF Mar 23, 10
    That's completely awesome. Sure, compared to today's standards it's crap, but from an old school point of view, that's just true love right there. I want to play it = D.

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