Red Dead Redemption is a free roaming wester shooter, and to make something like that be more fun is to add multiplayer. Destructoid had a chance to play the game and sample the multiplayer. We have to wait until April for a reveal of this mutliplayer but according them, it was done in a 'surprising' way.

We just spent some time getting our filthy hands even filthier inside of Red Dead Redemption, where we actually skinned a horse and instantly felt like we'd killed Trigger. But no-good horse killin' aside, the big news here is that multiplayer is coming to Red Dead Redemption. We don't know how just yet, but a Rockstar representative told us that it would incorporate multiplayer in a "surprising" way. Surprising as in it doesn't totally suck like in GTA IV? Aw, snap. Yeah, we went there. Now we'll have to worry about being skinned.
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    reaver11 Mar 27, 10
    I'm intersted now. With the multiplayer I mean. The game's already had me hooked with its spaghetti-western style visuals and back drop.

    Can't wait to see what this game has to offer.
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      Sayyed Mar 27, 10
      The setting really hooked me. But for some reason i just dont see myself playing the online as much as the offline.
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    Aussie Legend Mar 27, 10
    Like there weren't enough reasons to buy this game already.
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Mar 28, 10
    *Imagines 6 people online doing the slow sheriff walk down a town, stop, and a tumbleweed rolls by*

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