At last month's GDC, 1up asked the guys behind Mass Effect 2 why homosexual relationships - both male and female - were not possible in the game.

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BioWare's not one to shy away from intimacy in their games, even when it's caused controversy.

Mass Effect 2 is no different, allowing player-characters, both male and female, to romance members of their squad. Playing as a female protagonist, my Commander Shepard had the option to woo a few of the men on the team, as well as as a mono-gendered (yet decidedly feminine-shaped) blue alien Asari.*

However, through the course of the game my Shepard had eyes for only one character, the charming, likable female alien, Tali'Zorah. No matter how hard I tried -- believe me, I tried -- my lady Shepard could not seduce her.

While I was at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last month, I spoke with Mass Effect 2 project lead Casey Hudson and BioWare head honchos Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (in separate interviews) about restricting the intimacy of certain characters in the game. If the game's about choice, then why can't I pick the mate I want?
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    Aussie Legend Apr 8, 10
    Holy shit this article is old.

    I want mah Garrus on Shepard action
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    TurMoiL911 Apr 8, 10
    Man, I remember how you could get some girl-on-girl action going on in Jade Empire.

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