2010 is shaping up to be one of the most jam-packed years in the gaming industry with many excellent games already released in the first-quarter alone. Here are ten can't miss games so far this year.

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    Aussie Legend Apr 12, 10
    Probably would have had Darksiders somewhere on the list, but all in all good list.
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    Vergil Ties Apr 12, 10
    People are still enticed by baseball games?

    The rest of the list is pretty accurate. Need to give Yakuza 3 a shot one of these days, though, because the other two were *bleep*ing awesome.
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      ShadowGuard Apr 12, 10
      Just because you do not like baseball games, does not mean it is not popular.

      I could say "Are people still enticed by plotless WRPGs?"
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        Star of Spurs Apr 12, 10
        To which I would reply, 'are people still interested in stupid JRPGs?'

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