Late last year some were saying that 2010 could be the biggest in gaming history and it certainly is shaping up that way. So, John from All Age Gaming sat down and compiled a list of the Top 10 games in the first half of 2010 (1st January to 30 June 2010). If the second half of 2010 is going to be better, then we are in for one hell of a treat!

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    ShadowGuard Apr 12, 10
    hmmm, someone is not an RPG fan... FAIL.
    Is Alan Wake even out yet... FAIL.
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      tekmosis Apr 12, 10
      The article never said the game had to be out yet. It said games in the first half of 2010. Being that Alan Wake is scheduled for a May release it makes it a valid game to be on their top 10 list.

      The only thing I see is Troll FAIL.
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        ShadowGuard Apr 12, 10
        wow, your attempt at a counter argument failed miserably. How can you judge a game that is not out yet genius... You = FAIL
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          tekmosis Apr 15, 10
          I'm not sure how simpler I can put this so you can understand, my IQ just doesn't go that low, sorry.

          OK, lets try this..Say Diablo III had a confirmed release date for Jan 13th, 2011. Someone could make a "Top Games in 2011" and put down Diablo III as one of them. Geddit?
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          Hideo1 Apr 15, 10
          Oh thank christ, it had been so long since someone pointed out this guy's stupidity I figured everyone thought he actually made sense and I was going mad. Nice to be grounded again.

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