There are so many great Renegade moments in Mass Effect 2. Explicit Gamer has compiled a list of what they feel are the top 5 renegade moments in Mass Effect 2.

Now, most of the time I try to go with the Paragon options. I like being the good guy. But sometimes the Renegade options are just too tempting to pass up. I’m sure you know what I mean. As much as you want to be on the side of good, sometimes you’ve just got to knock some heads together to get things done. And, well sometimes a person just deserves what you do to them. :)
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    Star of Spurs Apr 13, 10
    I've not finished the game yet (12 hours in, loving it so far) but my favourite evil bastard bit:

    Punching a guy out of a fiftieth story or so window because he refused to tell you where a bad guy is. That's just class.
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    FinalFantasyFanaticc Apr 13, 10
    Haha, say goodbye and the reporter one were the two biggest shocks to me. Loved it when I chose the Renegade action on them only to see that happen.

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