Silent Hill is a horror action video game which was originally released on PSX. According to documents and Gamasutra investigations a new episode is in development and will be a FPS! Here you'll found the first details of the project.

According to Gamasutra, Vatra Games is developing a mysterious FPS in their new Czech studio founded by the ex members of Illusion Softworks. This new FPS is a new Silent Hill for Konami.
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    Ech0ez Apr 14, 10
    Vatra Games is developing a mysterious FPS in their new Czech studio founded by the ex members of Illusion Softworks.

    This new FPS is a new Silent Hill for Konami.

    Bloody hell Konami, just bloody hell. How much further can you drive Silent Hill into the dirt? As if the genre wasn't in a bad enough state already.

    Ya know what from now on "Survival Horror" is officially dead. The only series left in the genre of any worth is Project Zero/Fatal Frame. Seriously Capcom, Id Software; I hope you're both happy. RE4 and Doom 3 have officially become the death of the Horror genre.

    Tecmo, Silicon Knights, Bestheda and whoever develops Siren; please for the love of Survival Horror fans everywhere step in and save the genre already.
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      Star of Spurs Apr 14, 10
      Bethesda making a horror game? Oh please yes.
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    Star of Spurs Apr 14, 10
    Well, this is *bleep*ing stupid. I guess all of Silent Hill's trademark subtlety will be replaced with things jumping out of cupboards very fast.

    Thanks, Konami.
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    dwg14390 Apr 14, 10
    FPS doesn't mean it will make the game any less scarier, as long as it's only in an FPS view and not all actiony and shit.

    However fps view for a game like Silent Hill is just plain retarded.
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      Hideo1 Apr 14, 10
      And why is it just plain retarded?

      Because it WILL make the game less scarier.
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    Daweii Apr 14, 10
    They could make this game really atmospheric through doing this. I first remember the opening hour of Doom 3 before all the action started and that was a psychological horror. There were dark rooms, you had to choose between gun and flashlight it was creepy and at times scary. I am going to keep an open mind as I think it could be quite good, I don't think the game could be any worse than the recent 3rd person games.
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      Hideo1 Apr 14, 10
      Do you remember Zero Punctuation reviewing the new-gen PoP? How he described Sands of Time as a goose laying a golden egg, and then after receiving a bronze and silver egg, and mass amounts of poo, Ubisoft ended up cutting the goose open to try and find the secret, but then poorly taping it back together when they found nothing? This is the Silent Hill equivalent.
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    Drogo Baggins Apr 14, 10
    This could be awesome...

    Will it be awesome? Probably not.
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    Raijin1999 Apr 14, 10
    "This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    It hurts to set you free
    But you'll never follow me
    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die

    This is the end"

    I'll never forget you Silent Hill 2.
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      Storm Apr 15, 10
      Thumbs up to you, lad.

      I won't shut this series out just yet...I mean Grudge on the Wii was scary for a first person...flashlight. Oh who am I kidding, great move, Konami! <_<
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    RaidenXS Apr 14, 10
    oh...oh wow. they jumped on the band wagon. so is there a true horror game out there now?
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    Shuyu Apr 15, 10
    No Yamaoka, FPS. Yeah...

    Nah. Never have I so badly wanted for a game series to be laid to rest.
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    Miss Razz Apr 15, 10
    And, all of a sudden, the tiny interest I had in this title is gone.

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    Existence Apr 15, 10
    As I said in the SHS forum, I hope this only means that the game will be presented in the first person P.O.V, not that it'll actually be a first person shooter- something like the Mirror's Edge for survival horror.

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