The Phoenix's Maddy Myers discusses the supposed sexism behind Gears of War 3's plot, including her thoughts on the treatment that women recieve in the Gears' universe.

If the humans ever hope to keep up with the Horde, maybe they should learn their creating-babies-in-a-lab technology and get some women out there on the field. They're sacrificing half of their potential troops for no reason! And even if women are "too weak" to fight hand-to-hand, maybe they could fly some bad-ass fighter planes or massive mech armor, Samus-style (or take some of the magical steroids that the guys appear to have been taking). But, no. Apparently, women need to be human incubators instead. Because men can't be bothered to raise children. And because women most certainly shouldn't be fighting.

So, why is Alex Brand in the story at all? Well, it turns out that it's because she's sterile. She can't make babies. So she's allowed to fight.

This ... is problematic.
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    Aussie Legend Apr 15, 10
    Oh for christs sake, not another one of these

    quote article
    Gears' lack of romance and female influence actually makes the game seem ... well, kinda gay.
    Are you implying that Marcus wants to ride the Cole Train?
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    CyberCam Apr 15, 10
    LMAO @ Aussie reply... that's some funny stuff!

    WOW... a very interesting & entertaining read. The comments in the original article have more substance than the article itself!

    I find it funny when people complain about other peoples art form, yet will not take the time to create their own version to their liking! All critic's (& so called journalists) suck, most only like to sh!t on other people's hard work!
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    Shinobi_razor Apr 15, 10
    i bet Cliffy B secretly wants to ride the Cole Train...

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