Popular Japanese rock singer, actor and all-round hunk GACKT has yet another title to add to his rather impressive list of video game involvements.

At a recent press conference held in Tokyo for the upcoming PC RPG, Dragon Nest, it was announced that GACKT will be providing the voice for the villian Belskard. He will also be singing the game's theme song, which is set to be released as a single on June 16th.

GACKT's entrance at the press conference was spectacular, as he showed up dressed in Belskard's outlandish outfit, complete with glow-in-the-dark dragon and eerie fog-effects.

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  • 1
    Absolute Apr 17, 10
    quote Article
    all-round hunk GACKT
  • 1
    BANDITO ATTACK Apr 17, 10
    new singles every other day
    a movie
    a game
    does this man even have free time?
    • 0
      Hideo1 Apr 28, 10
      This is his free time. Come on, like you wouldn't dress up like an overcompensating transvestite and show off your manly, manly voice all the time if someone was paying you to
  • 0
    Ready Start L_Arc Apr 17, 10
    GACKT is a busy man. Hyde is hunkier though
  • 0
    RaidenXS Apr 18, 10
    i've never even heard of him. how do all of you know him?
  • 0
    Ajax Apr 18, 10
    Anyone who's had a conversation with Razz knows who Gackt is.
  • 0
    Miss Razz Apr 27, 10


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