This is a new mod for the excellent Battlefield 1942: Operation Market Garden. 7 new maps for single player and multiplayer modes to provide new experiences. The beta version of the mod provides 2 maps.

Battlefield 1942 mod Operation Market Garden is now available for downloading. This mod adds 7 new maps based on the infamous Operation Market Garden. The beta version of the mod features 2 maps: Oosterbeek and Arnhem.

This mod is dedicated to the Vanilla version of 1942, developed by TehBossRegime and is a 3MB file that can be downloaded on ModDB.
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    blazeboy11 Apr 20, 10
    Gee I wish they'd mod BF1943. Rather tired of only 3 guns. Though I'm not sure if it could be modded at all, since I played the game on PS3.

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