Collectibles have been around for some time now, but in the last few years, Publishers have seen the advantages of having special editions to push pre-orders,and get release day sales right up there.

Which is understandable, seeing most games have a small 2 week window in which to sell as many units as possible.

SLip over and check out the two new Halo Reach editions, some close up images, and details of not only the editions, but the possibility of a comp to win one of these beauties.

News just to hand shows that the new Legendary Halo Reach Limited Edition Noble One Team Statue will drop on your desks at a cool 5kgs, not including the huge tin box, the huge Diary, Cloth Badge, Security card Artefact bag and other gear.

There are two items available outside the standard edition of course.

The Halo Reach Limited Edition and the Halo Reach Legendary Edition (see left image). You’ll see what each contains below.

This method worked well with previous Halo editions, with many clambering for the ultimate one, the Legendary Halo 3 edition, of which I of course have.

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Microsoft have been leading the way with Limited Editions, ever since they started making the 1st-Gen Consoles into LE’s prior to the cease of production. They sold thousands upon thousands of the units, even to existing customers who simply wanted something different. So they have now started moving that idea across into the 360 camp.
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