Halo 2 lovers are organizing a resistance! They don't want to quit the multiplayer's connection and do everything to keep connected 24 hours every day. Will Microsoft boot them?

A week ago, Microsoft decided to shut down the original Xbox Live servers for Halo 2. It seems like dozens of gamers don’t agree with that and keep their consoles connected until their console dies or Microsoft boots them!
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  • 2
    Province Apr 24, 10
    Always love a bunch of grown up children crying about something they have no control or authority over...

  • 3
    Dragoshi1 Apr 24, 10
    Halo 3 is like 7-15 bucks at Gamestop these days, if you can't afford it, then get off your ass and get a job ya hippies!!!
  • 1
    Bale Fire Apr 24, 10
    Halo 3 is almost exactly the same anyway, don't see the big deal. I'd say Microsoft will just wait until their consoles die.
  • 1
    BANDITO ATTACK Apr 24, 10
    what a bunch of idiots.
  • 0
    Ready Start L_Arc Apr 24, 10
    I hope their consoles get RRoD
  • 1
    player300o Apr 24, 10
    So general consensus is to say "screw you" to people who want to play a nostalgic game? Why? The game is not dead, and old games never die, just go underground. 7-15 bucks may not seem like much, but you also have to remember the cost of the 360. And if Halo 3 is almost exactly the same, why pay all that money for a slight upgrade?
    • 2
      InsanityS Apr 25, 10
      People can still play Halo 2 all they want offline. Microsoft have simply shut down the online servers for it. Servers that cost money to maintain.
    • 1
      Province Apr 26, 10
      If the person who made the game and is paying to run these servers they play on decide they want to stop carrying the dead weight, that is their right. The sequel is out, improved and much more populated so in theory this 'resistance' has no right to tell the developers what to do.

      They designed it, they run it, they can do whatever the *bleep* they want with it. Sad but true
  • 1
    Rabla Apr 24, 10
    This is awesome tbfh.

    Hope they can hold out.
  • 2
    Paradox Apr 25, 10
    They're all going to get kicked off one by one. Microsoft is probably just keeping them on for giggles.

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