Bungie has released another press release that will get the fans all excited for what is coming up in the beta. The beta is for only the users who own a copy of Halo 3: ODST.

Bungie has released a press release in London today stating all the people who can participate in the beta to "Set your countdown clocks" . The beta kicks off on May 3rd and ends on May 19th. You get a whopping 16 days (Or 17 days) to play one of the most anticipated betas of all time.
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    Province Apr 29, 10
    So this makes it the biggest block buster how?

    Misleading title is misleading at best.
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    Red 9 Apr 29, 10
    I don't understand what merits this game has to be considered the most anticipated/biggest blockbuster. I see very few things aside from technical alterations that makes this game any bloody different than the last four times they released a Halo title.

    I really think the Halo franchise is getting incredibly stale, yet people just eat it up.
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      Province Apr 30, 10
      It's a well disguised add-on. Nothing a lot of DLC and some basic sense when developing Halo 3 would have made.

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