Instead focusing on rumors of what changes may be coming in the new Pokemon, We've compiled a list of changes necessary to please Pokemon fans hurting for innovation in the series.

I'm not sure about you, but I've never been a fan of random battles.
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    BANDITO ATTACK May 1, 10
    Eliminate the 4 Moves Limit

    ^worst idea ever. do you not understand choosing your 4 moves is actually part of the strategic element of the game?
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      InsanityS May 2, 10
      While true, you should probably do more than read past the admittedly misleading title of that section of the article, because his proposed two solutions sound good, and I'm certain the second one has a lot of support from gamers everywhere.

      One solution would be to allow pokemon to switch moves in and out when not in battle and the other to remove HM moves from needing to be used by Pokemon to free up slots. Curiously both options still opt for a 4 move limit in battles.
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    SebKus May 1, 10
    The author of this article seems to be pinning for a less-than-standard RPG style in the werld of pokimon. The only things I can agree with him on are the graphics update and the new pokemon bit. Give us a new starter trio, some Eveee evolutions, and a smidgeon of new legendaries THEN END IT NO MORE STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD STOP WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE STOP
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    TurMoiL911 May 2, 10
    I don't dig the happiness meter. Let's face it: no Pokémon is happy. They're prisoners taken from their open countries and forced into a tiny, cramped ball, only allowed outside to brutally fight one another. I don't think happy is the best way to describe their life, and poffins here and there is no replacement for freedom.
    I never thought of it this way before.

    I would llke to see a more (I guess "brutal" would be the word to decribe it) guantlet match-style Battle Tower. You only get to use one Pokémon and you try to defeat as many opponents using multiple Pokémon in matches without healing. The further you get, the better rewards you receive. If you manage to run through the entire guantlet, you get an awesome prize like a Master Ball.
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    Kingy May 2, 10
    I personally think they need to change the names of the games, even though that probably won't happen. Pokemon "Black and White" just sound so boring and unoriginal. They should go back to naming their games after jewels.
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    neto_360 May 2, 10
    I would love to be able to explore every region and attempt to catch em all, but... I doubbt they would make the game like that. It would defeat the purpose of having two different versions and they make more money that way so...
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      Hideo1 May 2, 10
      Plus a DS game wouldn't be able to hold that much stuff in it, IIRC.
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      TurMoiL911 May 2, 10
      I think the game would lose a lot of its challenges once you reach the last few gyms. By that time your Pokémon are probably as strong as they're going to get and you can just breeze through every single fight.
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    Giral Ga Jun 28, 10
    well.....i hope pokemon black/white would be ten times better than pokemon heartgold/soul silver =)

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