The beta will be the most played game on xbox live during the weeks that it is running. I hope that Live can put up with the surge of users tomorrow.

According to Xbox Live Major Nelson, Halo Reach is going to launch late tomorrow morning, pacific time.
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    Dragoshi1 May 3, 10
    Lazy Bungie.

    "Late Tomorrow Morning"? Isn't that, like, Noon?
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    SFG_Bknight May 3, 10
    I dont think that it is lazy, could be, but I dont think so. I would expect a staggered release of the beta, let it hit the east coast then a couple of hours later let it hit the mid west, etc.
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      tekmosis May 3, 10
      Bungie is located in Washington so it only makes sense to launch it on PST and not EST. I highly doubt employees are going to come in 3hrs earlier than normal just to open up a beta on an EST morning schedule.

      People who aren't familiar with launching an application don't realize that it takes quite a bit of preparation, it's not as easy as flicking a switch. Patience, we'll all be playing the beta by tonight (:

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