Clearly Kojima didn't think the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker soundtrack cover and Paz music video was enough fanservice.

A brand new batch of screens have been released, featuring Paz in a bikini and Master Miller in a pair of briefs. Fanservice for both guys and girls.

Uh, sexy? (Or is that creepy?)

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    SFG_Bknight May 3, 10
    I just dont get the reasoning behind the sexing up of MGS. It really does not need it.
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      Hideo1 May 3, 10
      In MGS4 you could try to look up Naomi's skirt and have kinky photoshoots with the Beauty units.

      In the first one you could spy on Meryl naked.

      It's always had pervy, sex-type parts to the series, they've just been better hidden is all
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        SFG_Bknight May 3, 10
        yeah your right, they just were not as blatant as this one is
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          Miss Razz May 4, 10
          What, you've never fantasized about Master Miller with his shirt off?

          or is that just me
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    Gamesta100 May 4, 10
    Woops I accidentaly typed my Timesplitters response on this one.
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    Existence May 4, 10

    How old is Paz?
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      Hideo1 May 4, 10
      Well I guess if you combined her and Miller's age it would equal two consenting adults... and that's good enough for Japan
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    Aussie Legend May 4, 10
    Holy shit...


    I mean, apart from the obvious, why? Isn't Snake sneaking around in his tight trousers enough for you?
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    Twin_Master May 23, 10
    Damn I am already loving this game even more!

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