The Halo Reach Beta has been up for two days now and we've finally got a good taste on some of the changes made this time around. Here's a breakdown and impressions on what we've seen so far in the Beta.

Immediately after the download I jumped right back into the Halo universe and it felt like I got smacked in the face. After spending so much time with um …Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 playing Halo: Reach definitely took some getting used to again. I immediately noticed that the button layout was changed up a bit.
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    Pepper Roni May 5, 10
    Played this as well yesterday. It was fun, until a group of 4 small children with headsets decided to use nothing but the jetpacks. Rather annoying. And they all made fun of the one guy with a Pokeball for a symbol for only being able to get a couple of kills when they always seemed to have two attack him at once... No, I'm not talking about myself at all...

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