This is an article that looks at whether or not the recent headlines that Activision has made is a good or bad thing for gamers, and five ways the mega-publisher can do to take over (or destroy) the gaming industry.

In case you hadn’t heard, Activision is in a bit of spotlight this month. Certain things that may or may not have occurred involving a certain developer (Infinity Ward) or two (Bungie Studios) have understandably kept the publisher in the headlines and will continue to do so for just a bit longer. But this certainly isn’t the company’s first rodeo – they’ve been around for roughly three decades now and I have a distinct feeling that it will be another thirty before we know it. Because they run themselves as any business should and, at times, they’ve run the developers under their corporate umbrella in the same way. I’m not sure if this will eventually catch up to them, but some of their business practices past and present could, hypothetically, damage the game industry. I present here, the top five ways Activision just might do such a thing (corner or destroy the gaming industry).
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    Play ISDF May 6, 10
    They already are going to kill the industry. I have no doubt that at this rate Activision will continue to chase after huge developers and do their best to buy them and shun any newbie companies. They're gonna do their best to buy absolutely everything they can, produce the same games over and over without much difference killing IP's and expect the consumer to keep on buying them. Guitar Hero is dead, CoD after Modern Warfare 3 if it ever comes out may as well be dead, it's only a matter of time before they start applying the same business strategies to Blizzard and Bungie sadly.

    *bleep* you Activision you bastard.
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    RaidenXS May 6, 10
    they can't kill the industry. as long as 1st party dev exist, the industry lives. Sony in particular promotes fresh new game for instance Santa Monica Studios is always making weird stuff, and Mm made LBP
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    Existence May 6, 10
    Nice, another Activision hate article.

    Next up: Five ways Activision will directly lead to the apocalypse

    Give it a rest, people.
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    TheFogIsRising May 7, 10
    These guys need a copy editor. There were way too many spelling mistakes and run on sentences. And I could only see out of one blurry eye!

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