While Bayonetta had its fair share of sex appeal, it looks like the game's designer Hideki Kamiya isn't happy that some gamers are making pornographic doujinshi (self-published manga) based on his character.

In a recent Twitter, Kamiya expressed anger over the fact that such doujinshi existed, saying that the people responsible didn't hold any love for the game.

Kamiya: It seems there's pornorgraphic doujinshi based off Bayonetta... There are fans who will resent that, and I hardly think those responsible [for the doujinshi] hold any love for the game...
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    BANDITO ATTACK May 12, 10
    this guy never heard of rule 34
  • 2
    Daweii May 12, 10
    Huh what? They make a character that only has sex appeal going for it, her character isn't fleshed out and she's very one dimensional. He should be happy that people like the character enough to make this kind of thing. It's no different to other shallow one dimensional characters like Bloodrayne and Lara Croft of which there are so many explicit works based around them. Not because they are great characters but because their central appeal in marketing was sex appeal.
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      SilentLightning May 12, 10
      Exactly what I think. Sadly, it's going to be a long time before female characters are taken more seriously, especially with designers/developers only pushing forward their sexual appeal.

      And being that most doujin are created from Japan, doesn't he already know by now that doujin-creators are not interested in keeping characters in 'character'? We're talking about people who make money off of someone else's creative works and design - and they usually fish for successful titles (and sexually appealing characters).
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    TheFogIsRising May 12, 10
    Neither had I, until now.... I didn't know that was codified into a rule. But it figures!
  • 4
    Existence May 12, 10
    No links to said pornographic dounjinshi?

    I am disappointed.
    • 0
      Province May 12, 10
      Would it be bad to admit that was my first thought as well?
    • 0
      Gamesta100 May 12, 10
      Not that hard to find using google. I just did
    • 0
      Hideo1 May 13, 10
      There are, like, a hundred by now.
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    Hideo1 May 12, 10
    I'm starting to think Kamiya was actually taking himself seriously when he invented Bayonetta, I mean Christ if she wasn't made for doujinshi what the *bleep* is she good for, 'cause it certainly isn't being a lead in a game =\
  • 0
    Gamesta100 May 12, 10
    Being in pornographic things is the only way I would have any interest in Skankonetta.
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 May 12, 10
    Everyone is in a hentai doujinshi. Street Fighter Characters, Zelda Characters, even Dora(grown up) characters.


    Not that I would know that... *whistles*
    • 0
      Province May 14, 10
      Your order of hentai doujinshi has just arrived, shall I deliver it?
      • 1
        Hideo1 May 15, 10
        Who the hell pays for it? I thought we all just found them online for fre-... oh *bleep*
        • 1
          Dragoshi1 May 15, 10

        • 0
          Province May 17, 10
          Oh you're soooo caught =D

          Fine I'll just burn them

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