Steven Hopper has delivered his full review on Square-Enix's Nier and didn't walk away that impressed with their recent release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Nier is a missed opportunity. There are moments when the storytelling shines, but those are few and far between in a pretty drab quest-laden game with boring missions and fetch quests. The combat also lacks depth and finesse, and the whole experience just seems to plod along without a lot of reward.
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    Coult May 12, 10
    Good review... looks like a rent to me!
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    kimvidard May 13, 10
    i've already heard the funny dialogues, the games looks like a chore otherwise.
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    CDeFire May 13, 10
    Nice Review...this game still has a grab on me despite peoples reviews on the title. But, from what I read in this review if I do get the game I shouldn't do many of the side quest because it hinders the whole exprience and takes you away from the story.

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