On May 18th only PS3 owners will be able to own some amazing pieces of exclusive items. PS3 users upon inserting Red Dead Redemption, will recieve access to Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and a posh Walton Gang Outfit.

If I do say so myself, the Walton Gang Outfit makes the otherwise rugged-looking John Marston look like quite the distinguished gentleman.
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  • 0
    Fluroclad May 15, 10
    This content looks amazing! But i'm so annoyed that it is only availlable for Ps3. This is when I hate owning a Xbox 360.
  • 1
    FinalFantasyFanaticc May 15, 10
    So happy I got Alan Wake instead now, easily the better game of the two.
    • 3
      Twin_Master May 15, 10
      Despite the fact that this game hasn't been released?
      • 4
        Red 9 May 15, 10
        It's FFF, bud; expect that kinda stuff
    • 1
      reaver11 May 15, 10
      I sincerely doubt that
    • 1
      Gamesta100 May 15, 10
      Can I borrow your time machine? I want to go to the future to see which games are better than others before everyone else gets to try them.
  • 0
    Bale Fire May 15, 10
    So a level and a outfit? Not bad, I'd say timed exclusive is most likely though.
  • 1
    Fluroclad May 15, 10
    I think I saw somewhere that it was only for the first few weeks of release.
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 May 15, 10
    DAMN IT. Just reserved the 360 version too...
  • 0
    Existence May 15, 10
    I doubt it'll make any 360 owner go and buy a PS3, but its a nice perk for those who're buying the PS3 version, and an incentive to get the PS3 version for multiplatform gamers.
  • 2
    Star of Spurs May 15, 10
    I like how this is suddenly 'OMG WHY DID I BUY A 360' when it's a new location and a new costume.

    It's a good incentive for PS3 owners to buy it, but if you own a 360 you won't be missing much.
    • 0
      Fluroclad May 15, 10
      We'll miss making our character look awesome
  • 0
    Seproth May 15, 10
    That's cool for me. I have it pre-ordered on PS3 because a bunch of my friends just picked one up. Didn't know about this til' now.
  • 0
    Deception May 15, 10
    Gotta enjoy the little things.

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