A reader-voted poll has placed the Halo series at the top of the Guiness World Records "Top 50 Video Game Series" of all time list.

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Guinness World Records revealed its reader-voted list of the "Top 50 Videogame Series" of all time, with Bungie's flagship franchise Halo taking the number one spot. The company, which tracks and recognizes record-breaking achievements, notes that the series is the "Best-Selling First-Person Shooter (FPS) Franchise Ever", too.
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    Fury May 16, 10
    In a list asking for the top series of video games, Runescape topped Final Fantasy...
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    Solid Snake 4Life May 16, 10
    Jesus Christ the world really is full of twitch happy fps junkies. Halo is a great series, but IMO no FPS should ever be listed as the greatest game/series/whatever of all time. I liken them to a summer blockbuster. There's enough cool set pieces and moments to make the game memorable but it isn't (or video games cases shouldnt) win to many awards come end of the year. There's (usually) not enough depth in the story or gameplay to make it a "best ever" game.
    But then again we live in the age where people would just rather shoot there friends in the face online and games like Ico and Psychonaughts (sp?) just dont sell.

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