This week's The Bender shows the return of two special guests Cee Cee Smith of the PSM clan and gamer/model/writer/plus more Raychul Moore. Rounding out the team is Mike and James who are all a little tired and preparing for E3, so give us a break :p Check the show notes, we cover a lot of topics all around the gaming world. Enjoy!

Show Notes | Topics


-Mill o’ Rumour: Sony To Announce PSN Pay Service at E3

-Rumor Has It That Previous Rumor Was A Web of Lies

-StarCraft-Gate: Reports Confirmed, Player Apologizes For His Actions

-Korean Blood Types

-Star Wars Top Ten

-Nielson Asks Why You Want a PS3

Other News of Note

-Guitar Hero 6 to Not Have Celebrities, Goes Back to Basics

-Guitar Hero 7 and Band Hero 3 Kind of Confirmed, to Nobody’s Surprise

-Capcom Gives Up on New Western IPs, Keeps Everything Internal

-All While Capcom Producer Says Japan Doesn’t Have “hope in hell”

-Google Unveils Web App Store, Includes Games

-Richard Branson Priming a Virgin Games Return at E3

-DLC Will Bridge the Gap Between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3

Itty Bitty News of Zero Consequence

-Analyst Who Is Not Michael Pachter Sez… Grand Theft Auto V at E3.

-BioWare Fixes JW’s Biggest Mass Effect 2 Complaint

-Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Coming to iPhone

-John Romero Apologizes for Wanting to Make You His Bitch
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