GamingShogun reviews Rockstar Games latest actioner, Red Dead Redemption, a tale of revenge and justice set in the not-so-old West of the year 1911. The game puts players in the spurs of a former-outlaw-turned-farmer who has been conscripted by the government to take out a former gang-member.

When out exploring, whether in town or in the wilds, you will often come across random encounters to take on. These can be anything from saving a prostitute who is getting roughed up by a John to rescuing a merchant under siege by outlaws. At one point on the way back from very successful hunting trip, I ran across a wagon that had been tipped on its side. A woman in skimpy garb stood near the trail yelling for me to help her. So, being the kind Samaritan that I am, I stopped. Without spoiling anything for you, let's just leave it at things were not all as they appeared and some men had to die that day...
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